Monday, 29 March 2010

Stanage Bus is Running Again 28-03-10

The clocks have gone back and so the Stanage bus has been rolled out again for some Eco friendly weekend climbing.

After failing at getting up early I caught the second bus out which had a surprisingly had no climbers on it!

Seems strange when it costs all of £2 to get out and get back, Having been a student getting public transport is often the only way. It seems "Normal" people are a bit harder to convince, or its because it was windy and not perfect and its only the first time the bus has run.

Anyway I managed quite solos before Ben got out and then we got in a few routes, Ben's first of the year.

Great day on Stanage enjoying the wind not at all made worse by having to run down to catch the bus!

A quiet Missippi Buttress and Unconquerable's Area

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