Sunday, 25 April 2010

Stoney 24th April

Getting out to go climbing has never been easier, as 4 of us piled onto the No. 65 bus to Buxton from Sheffield.
Driving out through the dark peak we descended into Valley of Stoney Middleton, we got dropped off at the lay-by across the road from the impressive Windy Buttress and Garage Buttress of Stoney.
Unsurprisingly there was no one else on the crag when we arrived at just after 10, meeting up with a couple more friends we headed over to Prayer Wheel Wall.
By lunch time several other groups had arrived making it seem a bit more used but still pretty empty considering its a glorious Saturday and it would've been empty if it hadn't been for our group of 8.

That said Scoop Wall got two ascents and so did Windhover, both classic routes starting from Windy Ledge. There also seems to be a new line of bolts going up between Kink (E5 6b) and Kellogg (E5 6b). Would be interested to know what it is.

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  1. Looks like the mystery line of bolts is Kinky F7c+