Sunday, 25 April 2010

Where have all the Climbers gone?

Following a quality day at Horseshoe Quarry we went for another day on the Limestone, so headed to Aldery Cliff. We left early to catch the early morning sun and were incredibly surprised to see this roadside crag devoid of people. It's full of easier trad lines on high quality rock with little or no loose sections.

Unlike a lot of Limestone crags especially trad ones which can often feel big and intimidating, Aldery Cliff has a much friendlier feel being slightly smaller and nicely situated in a quiet valley with no walk-in. It seems daft that this crag is empty when Stanage is probably heaving.
After the sun drifted round the corner just after lunch time we decided to seek out some afternoon sun.

Heading back towards Sheffield we stopped off at Water-Cum-Jolly for a bit of bouldering and a go on some super hard sport lines, mainly because the easy ones were still seeping a bit and had extra large puddles under them.
It seems like its going to be Limestone all summer now.

Aldery Cliff, Picture Courtesy Ben Ranson

Tom Anthistle on Clothesline S 4a

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